Pensions are an extremely tax efficient way of saving. As well as getting tax relief on your contributions, the funds accumulate tax free; at retirement you get a percentage of your fund tax-free.

Savings for retirement


You can do your saving personally, either through a Personal Pension, PRSA or AVC (free standing). Or you can save through a company, with an Executive Pension, Company Scheme or AVC (via scheme).

We can advise on the best options for your particular circumstances.

Pension transfers

Changing careers, redundancies and pension scheme windups is a complex area and has potential for considerable loss to you as you are swapping one benefit for another. Coyne & Culloty Insurance & Financial Services will be able to talk you through the issues involved.

Post retirement options

Having spent years saving your retirement fund, it is vital that you engage with your Broker in the years approaching retirement in order that there is no mismatch in your expectations as to what your fund will be able to provide you with in retirement. Additionally, in the event that the benefits projected at retirement are less than you had anticipated, there may be time to make additional payments.

Liaising with your financial advisor throughout the course of your pension policy is crucial. Coyne & Culloty Insurance & Financial Services have the resources and expertise to work with you through the process.
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