Group Pensions & Risk

Coyne & Culloty Insurance & Financial Services offer a boutique style service which is designed to work with the employer and trustees in the provision of an excellent benefit to their scheme members. It is intended to reduce, to a negligible level, involvement by the employer and HR department. Each year the trustees, employer, investment manager and representative of Coyne & Culloty Insurance & Financial Services meet to review the scheme, investment performance, underwriting, outstanding issues and any other item relevant to the scheme. It is intended that every item is attended to and that no issue is ‘brought forward’.

Through this manner the employer is confident that the scheme is being run in accordance with the principles of Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Transparency which in turn provide a scheme that members are confident and happy to engage with.

Group Risk

Pensions & Risk

Lynda Coyne accepting from Jerry Moriarty, CEO at Irish Association of Pension Funds, the PQM with Merit on behalf of clients of Coyne & Culloty Insurance & Financial Services.

We provide guidance on the options available to manage the risks associated with benefits provided to employees in the event of death in service or prolonged serious illness. Whatever form of insurance is agreed on, we will review the market to ensure that the most competitive premiums are obtained.

Unlike most other firms offering similar products we are actively involved in following up on underwriting requirements in order that maximum benefits are put in place with the minimum of inconvenience for the member and employer.

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